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Signs Your Teens May Be Drinking

Parenting is a difficult task even when everything is going as planned. Throw a wrench in that plan, such as discovering your teenage child is drinking, can make it that much harder. However, just because you discover your teen is drinking, doesn’t mean that all is lost. It is important that you address the issue quickly once you have discovered your teen has been drinking. If you are uncertain as to what to look for ion your teen’s behavior, then here are some common signs that you should look for.
Changes in mood – Alcohol abuse can cause a variety of different mood changes in teenagers. For example, you may notice your child’s temper being much shorter than it is normally. This means getting angry about small things that would otherwise not bother them.Problems in school – Sudden problems involving school is another tell tale sign that there is something wrong, and could involve alcohol. For example, if your child is an otherwise good student and never has an issue with attendance or paying attention in class and that changes suddenly, then they could be having an issue with alcohol abuse. It is very difficult for children to focus while they are under the influence of alcohol, or are recovering from a night of drinking with their friends.

Depression/apathy – Many teenage students will deal with some kind of depression during their high school years, and this is typical. However, if you notice that a your child is very depressed or is showing a complete disinterest altogether, then they could be showing signs of alcohol abuse.

Showing poor judgement – Poor judgement is a direct result of alcohol abuse. This means making poor decisions that they would not otherwise make, or you have never seen them make. For example, if your child is using alcohol, then they may drive recklessly, or exhibit other reckless behavior that is harmful to their health.

The smell of alcohol – This might go without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway. One of, if not the most, obvious signs that your child is drinking is if there is the smell of alcohol. Alcohol has a very strong and obvious odor. So if your child has been drinking recently, you should be able to smell it on their body or on their breath.

So, in conclusion, teen alcohol abuse is a serious matter. And if you suspect that your child has developed a drinking problem, it is important to take care of immediately. You can do this by talking to them about why they are drinking as well as getting them involved in some type of addiction program.

Addiction is a real problem in America–whether it’s cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction or heroin addiction.