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Apps that Will Help You Monitor Your Children

In today’s world where technology is so pervasive, it’s easy to think that your children could be getting up to trouble. However, one positive thing about all of this technology is that there are apps that will help you to keep an eye on your kids. Here are BLANK good ones:

1. Ignore No More – This app allows parents to lock the phones of their children if they fail to respond to a parent’s text messages or phone calls. In this app, one “parent” phone can control multiple other phones. The app is also nearly impossible for the child to remove by himself or herself, and the parent will receive an e-mail if the child is trying to tamper with it.

2. Footprints – This app allows parents to track their kids and see where they have been. You can also share locations with friends and family. Never again will parents have to wonder where their children are.

3. iCam – This app allows you to monitor live video from different cameras. You can place cameras throughout your house and monitor them straight from your phone.

4. Teensafe – This app allows you to monitor your teen’s cell phone usage. You can see their text messages, web history, call history, etc.

5. MobSafety Ranger Browser – This app allows you to view your child’s browsing history, approve and bookmark certain sites, and ban other sites. The app also allows you to limit internet access.

6. DinnerTime – In this app, you can instantly lock or unlock your child’s phone from your device. This can cut down on phone usage at the dinner table or prevent kids from using their phones after bedtime.

7. Famingo – If you are a parent of small children, this app can help you child-proof your device. The app will create a digital “sandbox” of kid-friendly apps.

8. Teen Safety – This app prevents unsafe driving by sending you notifications when your child is engaging in risky driving. For example, the app lets you know if your child exceeds a speed limit, travels into an area that’s off-limits, or uses his or her phone while driving.