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4 Ways You Can Get Your Children to Help Out Around the House More

It is sometimes difficult to get kids to do their chores and help you out with the housework. Kids are sometimes just as busy as we are as adults. They have school, homework, various activities, soccer games, dance class, etc. It can take a bit of planning and strategy to get your kids to stay on top of their chores:

1. Turn chores into a game or contest. Set a timer, and whoever does the dishes the fastest wins. For every load of laundry your child does, she gets a sticker. When she gets ten stickers, she gets to go to a movie. Make it fun. Make it a game. Put on some music and have a dance cleaning party. Help your children and show them that doing housework together can be a fun and fulfilling activity.

2. Don’t do their chores for them. If your teenager refuses to do his own laundry, don’t do it for him. Eventually, he will have to do laundry when he doesn’t have any clean clothes. If you do chores for your children, they will never learn to do them themselves.

3. Allow your kids to earn money for tasks completed. The money can go towards their college fund or towards a charity or even towards their weekly allowance. Allow them to earn a certain amount of money for each task they complete. Cleaning the kitchen is a certain amount. Cleaning the bathroom is another amount. Cleaning the bedroom is a different amount.

4. Award your children with a special activity if all of the chores are completed. When they finish cleaning, take them to the zoo. Take them to the mall and go shopping. Take them to eat ice cream. Make time for special events and activities.

Getting your kids to help out with cleaning can sometimes seem like an impossible thing. The most important thing is that you remember to be firm and stick to all of the rules that you set so that your children understand what is expected of them. Stick to these tips, and your children will be helping you clean every week.