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Talking to Your Teen About Marijuana

You gotta face facts–one day your baby child is going to grow up and be faced with real life adult decisions that you as a parent will no longer be able to protect them from. One of those choices is the decision to use drugs, which in and of itself is not the worst thing in the world. The most common and most probable drug that your child might start to use is marijuana. We are going to help you talk to your child in a comfortable way that will teach them about marijuana without sounding like a drill sergeant yelling at them what to do with their lives, because you can only influence a child so much, and then let go and hope the universe guides them the rest of way.

Maybe your the kind of parent who used marijuana and hid it from your parents. Perhaps you also hide it from your children. Maybe you used to use and don’t anymore. Maybe you never did at all. It doesn’t matter, because you can use the same kind of methods to talk to your child about marijuana use no matter your own personal use.

Maybe you want to show your children how to use marijuana responsibly. If so, show them what responsible means. Do not go about showing your children that your marijuana use is an excuse for not upholding your moral values or personal responsibilities, nor for acting carelessly in any situation. You want to be able to tell your kids that marijuana should be regulated by the government the same way that alcohol is, and that people who use it are not lesser human beings compared to those that don’t use it.

If you think that your child is using marijuana, you’re going to want to wait until an opportune moment to bring it. You don’t want your talk to sound like an attack, but rather you want it to sound like a topic of mutual concern. Just be factual and direct. Your kid will probably be going through some sort of DARE program or a similar propaganda class that will teach them about marijuana and other drugs, so you should aim to talk to them around that age to prepare them for the real life adult decisions that will be coming their way in high school.

You shouldn’t ever attack your child for their drug use. As a starting point, you should at least listen to your child and hear what they have to say about their own marijuana use. Tell them that marijuana is one of those adult decisions that shouldn’t be done by children until they have come of age. Explain that marijuana use is exactly the same as alcohol use or cigarette use, and that it should be treated with respect.

There is no reason to be have trepidations with your child when it comes to marijuana. It is a naturally growing plant in the world and they should be taught that it poses no harm to them and can be used responsibly. Take care of your loved ones. Know about Drug Rehab Center here – https://www.consumeraffairs.com/health/drug-and-alcohol-rehab-centers/