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Partnership for Parents Group is a group of parents from Chicago, Illinois. While we began as a group of adults meeting once a month to talk about our parenting experiences, share our stories with one another, and offer each other advice, eventually, we decided to form a blog online where we could share our parenting advice with the world.

We understand that parenting is hard. Every stage of parenting comes with its own challenges: the late night feedings when your child is an infant, the disciplining of your child when she is a toddler, the education of your child when she is in elementary school, the difficulties your child will experience with puberty and adolescence, educating your child about drugs and alcohol and sex when she is a teenager, etc.

As parents, we can all be there for each other and learn from each other. Thank you for stopping by the blog. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for our website by visiting the contact page.